Saturday, June 10, 2023

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Generation gap and its causes

Generation gap and its causes Miss Iqra Khan   “I am stressed out” said 14 years old Mira as she returned from school.  “Why are you stressed out?” her mother asked promptly.   “Because I don’t think...

My Village and the Election 2018

By Ms Tehreem Iqrar I live in a village Dhok Bodlay Shah of Chakwal District. This is the Election time in Pakistan and many candidates and politicians are visiting us. I want to...

#HearMeToo: What is the Campaign?

#HearMeToo: What is the Campaign? Ms Kaukab Jehan   “Not until the half of our population represented by women and girls can live free of fear, violence and everyday insecurity, can we truly say...

What can Pakistan learn from Malaysia? Part 2

Dr Atiq ur Rehman   Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad visited Pakistan March 21-23, 2019 at the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Dr Mahathir was the Guest of Honour...

!!! میں نہیں مانتی

تحریر  مہوش مجید عورت کوہمارے معا شرے میں  صنف نازک کہا جاتا ہے۔ مگر  میں  یہ نہیں ما نتی  ۔ جب میں اپنے  گا ؤں  دیہات کی عورتوں کو اونچی نیچی دشوار گذار...
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