Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Come & Raise Voices

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Write, Speak, Paint, Photograph & Sing to share your successes and challenges

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a key factor for turning the world into a Global Village. The beginning of 2018 marked over 4 billion global users of internet. Nevertheless, 52 percent Asians and 65 percent Africans are deprived of opportunities that are exploded by the digital world. Such digital divide creates new disparities and inequalities and reinforces the chronic ones.

In Pakistan 156 million people – 78 percent population – are unable to use internet. These internet-deprived people are playing pivotal role in the development of country in one way or the other.  Majority of them are women and men farmers, rural women, youth, children, and artisans. This initiative aims to encourage such people to share their successes and failures, issues and solutions, experiences and lessons.

Sometime their stories are shared through research reports, analysis, blogs and articles. However, it’s hard to find their first person voices, which can be more direct with greater power and higher impact.  Through this site we intend to bring direct voices of these valuable people to the world. This will open their doors to internet and will empower them ultimately for positive engagements against disparities and inequalities of digital divide. Therefore, we invite all of them to Come and Raise Voices- CR Voices. 

In this endeavour we need support – from all friends who are already connected to internet – to reach out to the internet deprived people, encourage them to write, or a short video, or click a picture, or paint an idea so that their voices are shared with the wider world.

This is an initiative by Mr. Aftab Alam Khan who is a Chevening Scholar with extensive experience in Pakistan as well as managing international development work in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. His detailed profile is available on He can be reached at