COP26 - the most important global meeting on climate change - is scheduled at Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, UK, Nov 1-12, 2021.

When we realize about devastation caused by climate change, attention goes towards questions such as; what is the world doing about the menace? Is there any platform where these concerns are discussed? What is the role of global powers and governments?

In this regard, we get to know about COP26. COP is an abbreviation for “Conference of the Parties”. This  is a global platform for governments  to come together to intercept the devastating effects of climate change. Brought together by the United Nations , COP is organized annually as the highest decision-making body at global level.

COP 26 is scheduled for November 1-12, 2021 at The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.  It was originally planned for 2020, nevertheless, the COVID9 fiasco prevented the event. COP 26 is  the 26th annual Summit regarded as “the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control”.

Let’s see what makes COP26 significant?

COP21 was held in Paris six  years ago. COP21 was an important breakthrough in climate change negotiations. Every member had accepted to contribute collectively to :

  • Reduce global warming (limit temperature rises between 1.5 to 2 degrees by controlling greenhouse gas emissions).
  • Devise ways to fight the effects of climate change.
  • Provide monetary resources for the cause.

It was also agreed that every five years members will come along to discuss:

  • The progress of previous agreement.
  • Updates required according to current situation.

In the COP 26  nations would sit together and discuss about the future of world. COP 26 has its significance due to present worrisome situation of climate change. Unfortunately, goals set in Paris agreement could not be achieved. This decade is crucial in limiting the greenhouse gases and the climate induced losses. In this regard COP 26 can become a turning point.

There are some goals set to be achieved in COP26. Such as ; achieve global net zero by mid-century and try to reach 1.5 degrees  as set forth in Paris agreement. Global net zero refers to balance between emissions and absorption of carbons. Furthermore, the goals include building and protecting ecosystems. Developed countries to contribute about USD 100 billion annually for the cause of climate change.

Wishing the world a successful COP26 for a better future of humanity.

Ms Iqra Khan is a climate change activist and a student of medical university in Islamabad.


  1. There is a dire need to dessiminate basic concepts on climate change and global actions towards it in youth. The article under review is rightly serving the same purpose.

    As a mentor to “Youth Climate Gym” looking forward for more voices.



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