In my previous blog I wrote about generation gap and its causes by discussing technology revolution, influence of virtual world, false assumptions, communication gap etc. In this blog I suggest possible ways to bridge this gap between parents and children.

After a couple of rigid and harsh interactions like the one I described in the beginning of my previous blog (Generation gap and its causes ) the youth develops a feeling of being misunderstood or rather not understood at all. This would eventually lead towards loss of open communication as the youth would be reluctant to open up in front of parents.

As a protagonist of younger generation, I believe the elder generation needs to be more flexible and rational as they have an upper hand in the whole situation. They should reflect upon communication with children that ends up in anger with a deadlock. If your son or daughter is silent don’t consider it agreement try to probe with love and care to find out the details.

Listening, comprehending and then responding would actually improve the communication. Impulsiveness, false assumptions, rigid remarks and strictness only create strains in relationships.

Parents must recognize their children’s passion and give them an ear when they are willing to pursue anything. Parents should let their children’s creativity flourish and support them to chase their ideas. Parents should appreciate little things. Take pride in youth. Appreciate publicly, correct personally.

This is important because what may look like a fantasy to parents might be producing seismic vibrations of energy in your child’s mind. It is important for parents not to suffocate that energy of their children.

I do acknowledge the stress of parenting and handling young generation like ours. It’s not a piece of cake. Majority of elder generation is oblivious to much of the dynamics of 21stcentury.  However, spending quality time in light mood with children will help to develop comfort between both generations.

Youth must also respect their parents as the most sincere relationship in life. They should also appreciate parents’ efforts for their children. Youth should restrict over use of internet and gadgets and family should have regular meals together. Parents should discuss matters with their children and their opinion should be valued. This will increase maturity in youth.

Youth should limit overuse of internet and gadgets

It is important for parents and youth to understand challenges of both sides followed by making efforts to empathize each other’s perspective. The bridging of generation gap depends on the flexibility, patience and willingness to understand each other’s views and beliefs for a successful and complacent future.  

Miss Iqra Khan is a student of a medical university in Islamabad. 

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