If I were Planet Earth I would be crying…

Ehsaan Khan – Student of grade 4


If I were planet earth I would be crying because men cut down trees and forests and also burn them. Therefore,  we have fewer trees and less greenery. I love trees because they give us fresh air, shade and stop big rocks from sliding.

If I were planet earth I would be crying because people throw plastic bottles, glass bottles and trash everywhere in streets, markets, oceans, lakes, river etc. This is not healthy for us, animals and for aquatic life.



If I were planet earth I would be crying due to burning of plastic bags. When we burn they release  dangerous smoke in the air making it unhealthy for our lungs, including of those who burn it. We must stop producing and using plastic bags. Already existing plastic bags should be recycled to make interesting and beautiful things.



Let us make a promise that:

  • We will not cut down trees.
  • We will not put trash and plastic bottles in streets, ,markets, oceans and lakes.
  • We will not produce and use plastic bags.
  • We will recycle existing plastic bags and will not not burn them. 
  • We will take care of our earth and our environment. 
  • We will fight against climate change.


Ehsaan is a grade 4 student with a school in Rawalpindi Pakistan.  This manuscript received first position in a creative writing competition at his school. 

Picture credits: a) Burning trees and globe by Pixabay, b) Bottles by Mali Maedar .

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