Ms Mehvish Majeed


Today I want to share my thoughts about a problem which every living being is facing. I mean Climate Change and rising temperature of the earth.

I visited recently THAL desert in Punjab, Pakistan.  In winter, it used to present beautiful scenic views due to its greenery.  Unfortunately, this year there is no greenery due to scanty rainfall in the area.

People are unable to cultivate their crops this year. This is an alarming situation. Problem is not limited to income loss but also affecting normal living.

People are facing shortage of drinking water. At some places the water is very contaminated, unfit for drinking. But due to poverty and lack of resources, people are bound to drink that polluted water. They cannot afford to fetch water from main city which is 30 to 35 kilometers away from their residences.

The conditions of women and children are the worst. Their physical appearance was showing their miserable health. This is a sad reality that people in this area are helpless. Even in case of emergency, ambulance takes about one hour or more to reach.

In this era, people of THAL are still living in miserable conditions. The problem is not too big to be solved but it requires competent authorities to take interest.  Not a single department is showing any concern regarding these problems.

If such problems are not eradicated timely, I am afraid, we will lose the natural beauty of our land and eventually many valuable lives.


Ms Mehvish Majeed is a rural woman from Layyah, Punjab and associated with education sector. Please send your comments to