By Ms Tehreem Iqrar

I live in a village Dhok Bodlay Shah of Chakwal District. This is the Election time in Pakistan and many candidates and politicians are visiting us.

I want to share problems of my village so that candidates, government officials and political parties understand our issues and work to change these conditions.

My village school is in very bad condition. This must be improved so that children can get a good atmosphere for studies.

I want a playground for girls and boys for our healthy physique and healthy minds.

I also want a lot of trees in my village for oxygen.

The streets conditions in our village are very very bad. They must be improved. I also want trash bins in our village. There should be a sweeper for cleaning in our village.

The sewerage system is not working and the street is full of dirty gutter water (see the above picture). This must be cleaned. We deserve healthy and clean life.

I also want a big orchard in my village for fresh fruits and vegetables. For poor people, these fruits and vegetables should be free of cost. And rich people should pay the cost of fruits and vegetables.


Ms Tehreem Iqrar is a student of class 6 in Chakwal. She is also an active member of Youth Theatre Group of Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA), Pakistan.