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Muniba Ashfaque

On July 12, 2017 at 11 am there was an unusual  hustle and  bustle in my class .Everyone seemed nervous yet excited .The results of matric* (grade 09) were about to be announced. I tried to keep myself calm.

Meanwhile a teacher entered the room with a paper in her hand. Everyone was anxious. She started to announce the results one by one.

After a while, she shouted Muniba Ashfaque. I was smiling outside but was nervous inside. I am sure my face was pale at that time.

The teacher said ‘well done’….I was still waiting. ………..Boom! 94%.

I took a sigh of relief and congratulated myself.

I dreamt of scoring over 90% marks in matric -10 grade – and then the day came when I had achieved the first milestone by scoring 94% in grade 09. 

This was a journey of hard work, long hours studies, extra coaching, repeated preparatory exams etc. but today I want to share how my class behaviors helped me to achieve over 90 percent marks.

  1. In order to remember key points I needed to improve my listening skills. Sitting in the front row and listening to my teacher carefully helped me a lot.
  2. Questioning during the lectures enhanced my clarity on topics. It also built my confidence. 
  3. Staying active throughout the day was very important. Healthy diet and lot of water intake helped me to stay active.
  4. Stop delaying and postponing. There is no tomorrow so I tried to complete my daily work on date.
  5. And yes! I gained greater confidence by sharing my knowledge with friends.  We learn more while sharing with others. Any lecture or topic which I taught to my fellow students enabled me to understand it even more.

Summarizing all this- classroom conduct is a strong foundation for scoring high marks. Getting good grades is not impossible it all depends upon our determination.


*Matric includes grade 9 and grade 10 in Pakistan. This blog is about Ms Muniba’s 9th grade exam.

Ms Muniba Ashfaque  is a student in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. For comments please write to crvoices@gmail.com.


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