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As students approach the end of grade 8, discussions are entering the final stage of subject selection for grade 9/10, O level or IGCSE. Parents often ask their children to choose doctor, engineer, pilot etc as their profession or to pick sciences and computers as their subjects. Many children have different ideas but since they are kids, they are usually bound to accept parents’ decisions.

Subsequently, the children work hard day and night to make their parents happy, fighting along a lot of stress and anxiety of their studies. Children might be looking happy but we don’t know if that is the reality. This is not good. Parents need to guide children with care.

Many parents have rigid ideas that doctor, engineer, lawyer, pilot, etc. are the only best professions. The question is “why are they the most preferred professions?  Because they bring fame? Or they are good source of earning? Ok lets say…a child becomes a successful person following the choice of parents and seems to be happy as well, deep inside his or her  heart  might not be happy. This can impact their mental health.  S/he might carry regrets for not picking subjects and profession of his or her own choice. This would neither be beneficial for parents nor for the children.

So parents, in that case would you be happy?

Children also have their rights just like others. They should get a chance to express their desires and feelings without pressure. They shouldn’t be forced to choose typical professions or subjects against their will.

No one else can change this practice except the parents.

I don’t mean that kids should decide everything on their own. The views of parents are very important. It’s better to have an open and friendly discussion between parents and children.  Parents should understand the interests and aptitude of their kids to help them consider the subjects. But there shouldn’t be any compulsion.

Dear parents! being a teen myself I would request you all to help your children decide their subjects and careers. And then facilitate them to excel in those subjects. I am sure this would eventually make you and your child very happy.

Dua Aftab is a student of grade 8 in Islamabad, Pakistan. For comments please write to crvoice@gmail.com.

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